Hot Air Levelling System HALTEC 2000 for Leadfree Solder

Based on a long period of field testing with lead free solders we have developed a concept for the HALTEC 2000 which meets the special technical requirements of the lead free soldering process. The leadfree  HALTEC 2000 particularly convince through the physical advantages of the lead-free technology besides the environmental engineering aspects. Flat and more uniform surface finishes provide better results for the fol­lowing assembling process.

Due to the increased temperatures of the leadfree soldering process the heating performance of the tank heaters and air heater have been increased. Further heaters have been installed at critical positions of the tank. The overflow tank section have been equipped with a separate heating control system. The tin pump in now frequency controlled and has two speed primaries for production and stand-by.

All components of the HALTEC 2000 like the tank, airknives, machine frame and machine covers are manu­factured by stainless steel. For an easy maintenance the tank can be folded forward. The heaters are mounted separately on the tank that an easy and quick exchange is guaranteed. The fi­xed airkni­ves which are routed from solid stainless steel can be disassembled within seconds for maintenance and cleaning.

The frequency controlled solder pump is easy removable and mostly free of maintenance. To guarantee a fast exchange on the printed circuit board the solder flow direction is horizontal. Hereby the shortest dwell times can be achieved.

The lift system consists of a linear guide with a frequency controlled AC-motor. The lift speed as well as the accelerate- and brake-ramp can be adjusted stepless. To increase the cycle capacity in case of smaller printed circuit boards the lift way can be programmed.

The handling of the machine is very easy with the help of an operators panel unit with TFT-display. All set­points for temperature of the solder and the air, pressure for each airknife, the lift speed and the lift height can be pro­grammed through this control unit. In addition the functions of the machine can be selected. If it is necessary all actual points can be settled.

PLC and an operators panel are located in a hanging and swingable control cabinet. All other electric parts are located in a stainless steel cabinet inside the machine 

Technical Specifications

Max. Board Size:

650  x 650 x 4 mm


ca. 120-160 Takte/h

Sn-Tank Volume:

275 kg

Air Pressure:

6 - 8 bar

Exhaust Volume:

ca. 2000 m³/h

Air Knive Gap:

0,1 - 0,4 mm adjustable

Power Supply:

230/400 V; 50 Hz; 63 A; 3P/N/PE

Power Consumption:

41 kW


1725 x 885 x 2520 mm (WxDxH)

Product Data Sheet