Basis for Service / Installation Works

(January 1st. 2006)

Competent for service and assemblies:

Mr. Uwe Mietz

Tel.: +49 (0)2501-9259-15

Customer service rates:

Rates per service technican

Travel- or  waiting hour

EUR     43,50

CS-car each km

EUR     00,62

Hourly rate

EUR     58,70

Expenses and hotel costs

according to expenditure

Working time regulations

The times to apply including a break of 0,45 h.

Monday - Thursday:

07:00  to 15:45 hours


07:00  to 14:15 hours

Maintenance and repairing works, on customer request performed out of the above-mentioned times on Saturdays, Sundays or festive days, are surcharged. 

Potential costs for telephone, freight and express, spare parts and other expenses shall be on account of the customer.
In the event of cost changes we shall be entitled to adjust our prices.

For invoicing, the rates effective on the performance date shall apply.
If required, auxiliary personnel shall be provided to our fitters at no charge and any assistance shall be given required for assuring an adequate working.
Our fitters are obliged to get confirmed on the assembly reports any working, travelling and waiting times for maintenance and repairing, service and assembly works, associated spare parts and other tools and equipment as well as the success of the performance done. If a person authorized to confirm is absent, the evidences furnished by our fitter shall apply as proof. The invoice is made out on the basis of these documents.
For built-in spare parts save wearing parts a guarantee is furnished for the period of six months but not longer than 1000 service hours if the maintenances and operation instructions are performed and observed and damages not being caused by external impacts. The guarantee is furnished according to the general delivery terms and conditions of the manufacturer.

The Laif engineering GmbH shall not be hold responsible for consequential damages.
Defects shall immediately be notified within the warranty period. The Laif engineering GmbH shall only bear the expenditure for the remedy of such defects immediately notified. If damages occur due to use despite of an existing defect, the customer shall bear the costs.
Our fitters are neither entitled to guarantee any qualities nor to grant further guarantee claims or to give any undertakings.
Complained parts and replacement parts shall be shipped to us freight-free. If the parts are not returned or the replacement part cannot be worked up, a subsequent invoicing shall be made.
Payment shall be effected according to the terms and conditions indicated on the invoice. Special agreements shall be made in written form.
The prices are invoiced according to the respective current spare part list.  
The prices to be understood plus legal VAT.
The place of jurisdiction for both parties shall be the domicile of Laif engineering GmbH.